Overlap Reverse Apex

The Overlap Reverse apex takes the traditional shed and turns it on its side. The door is placed on what would normally be your side gable. Placing the window and door on the wider section of the building, not only makes it a more attractive building but also increases its functionality.
All products in this range are constructed using 7mm overlap cladding, 10mm solid sheet floor, 8mm solid sheet roof and 28x28mm framing for strength. This range offers our customers the choice between a window or windowless version.


Available in the following sizes:

• 6×4
• 6×6
• 8×6
• 10×6

Product Features

• Apex Roof
• 7mm Overlap Cladding
• 10mm Solid Sheet Floor
• 8mm Solid Sheet Roof
• Fixed Styrene Glazed Windows
• Single Door
• Pad-bolt for extra security
• Sand Felt